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The koala is one of Australia’s most iconic endemic species, ranking in the top three wildlife species that international tourists wish to see, and generating billions of dollars in tourism revenue. Its natural range extends from north-eastern Queensland to south-east South Australia.

In the southern part of the koala’s range (Victoria and South Australia), populations are thought to be secure, with a recent study estimating around 410,000 koalas in Victoria alone. However, population status is highly variable throughout the south, with some areas of high population densities (‘overabundant populations’) yet many areas where populations are most likely declining due to threats including habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation; disease; and vehicular strikes.

We still know so little about our southern koalas. Research undertaken by our group is attempting to fill some of the many knowledge gaps.

Please contact Desley Whisson if you would like to support our koala research, collaborate with our group, or undertake an honours or PhD project (See Projects page for a new PhD scholarship that has become available).

Dr Desley Whisson
Website: Dr Desley A. Whisson (complete profile and research)